About the Blog

Hello! I’m Aiko.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I write mostly about my learning logs and project logs. I have a lot projects to write, but prefer developing/designing something rather than writing about it. So I rarely update this blog.

You can access to my portfolio from the top navigation.

About Me

I am a graphic designer and front-end developer,  love kawaii stuff and yummy cakes, can’t live without coffee or soy sauce. I call myself hako (username for many platforms) or ohakoda (name for freelancing). Just simply call me Aiko.

My personal interest is developing a Japanese learning platform. I had this idea while ago when there weren’t much digital learning materials available. It has changed now. Many learning materials are available but I still making it because it’s FUN!

I worked in fashion industry for long time before calling myself as a designer. I enjoyed interacting with customers, listening them what they want/need/like/dislike/concern/afraid of, and then selling them clothes/accessories that can make them happy.

Now, I work in creative design sector, yet, still enjoying interacting with my clients, listening them carefully to understand the requirements in order to provide the best solutions for them.

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