Peek at OtoJisho, our new Japanese online audio dictionary

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OtoJisho, is getting ready to be online!

It will be launched in Christmas time πŸ™‚

What is OtoJisho?

OtoJisho is an online audio dictionary for learners’ of Japanese language.

OtoJisho is made up with two words:

  • Oto (音) = sounds
  • Jisho (θΎžζ›Έ) = dictionary

So, OtoJisho means a dictionary with sounds πŸ™‚

OtoJisho helps learners’ of Japanese language, especially for those who are learning new vocabularies and willing to improve their pronunciations.

This online dictionary provides a Japanese vocabraries + audio + meaning + example sentences.

Angiy, a voice actress, has already recorded and edited 3700 words (!!)

I’m trying to publish at least 1000 words by Christmas,

Fingers crossed!

Word List Card on Top Page

The sample image has illustration but the most vocabularies won’t have one yet.

I’m working hard to get them ready but am also developing 'hiragana learning web app’ too.

It’ll take time for this audio dictionary to be perfectly ready.

OtoJisho will be almost naked when it becomes available to online.

OtoJisho Top Page Preview

I want to keep dictionary as simple as possible to make it easier for mobile users to use audio player.

So, the list card will have a title (vocabulary), brief meaning of the word and audio player.

The menu will have category drop down and some key tags.

There are so many thing need to be done before Christmas, but I really enjoy working on it!

Hopefully, lots of people will benefit from OtoJisho to improve their Japanese vocabularies!

Posted by Aiko Ohakoda