Reviewing 5 Japanese websites that are kawaii and interactive


It is nice to see kawaii web designs that can make me smile and relaxing and sometimes funny and exciting.
In this article, I will introduce 5 kawaii websites and make a review for each of them.


Hana Michi Ya

Hana Michi Ya
Hana Michi Ya

Retro kawaii well designed website

Hana Michi Ya is a retro & modern Japanese styled fashion shop.
The page uses a lot of images that are well located, which direct viewers to see the contents in order. Using images that of saturation is decreased creates retro atmosphere, which suite to the nature of the shop.

The page makes a sound of a bell for the first visit. I don’t usually like sounds effects which automatically starts, however, this sound effect gives me a very relaxing feeling.


GEAD Island

© GEAD Island

Fun and informative graphic animations

GEAD island provides information about gastroesophageal reflux disease by using info graphic animations. Images of volcanoes represent a stomach and the state of volcanoes are used to explain state of stomach and symptoms.

This approach makes it easier for people to understand all about gastroesophageal reflux disease than reading about it. Because of its kawaii illustrations and directive motions, the animations draw viewers attention, and keep them focused on the contents.



© Blanc

Interactive and creative pixel arts

Blanc Inc is a web solutions company based in Tokyo. The website illustrates their strength, creativity and graphical skills by displaying interactive pixel arts.

All the characters that are drew by pixels keep moving. The characters follow patterned movements while they change angles by following movements of the mouse.
These pixel arts are quite large and move dynamically; therefore, it would be annoying if they are placed under or close to the texts. In order not to disturb the readers while reading the texts, all the pixel arts are placed between contents.


Saru Sho

© Saru Sho

Good use of descriptive illustrations

Saru Sho used to be a primary school, which is now renovated and opened as a yado (inns). The design of side bars is a black board that creates an old primary school’s atmosphere.

The website uses illustrations effectively. These illustrations draw viewers attention because they are interesting and descriptive for the readers.
The style of illustrations reminds me of illustrations that are used in the school textbooks. It is a well designed website that represents what Saru Sho was and what it is now.



© Swimmie

Swimmie is a handkerchief specialty store, which is surprising as the website looks like something that relates swimming or selling beauty products. The top page doesn’t mention about a handkerchief; the first time visitors wouldn’t know it unless they see about page or online shop page.

Texts are rather poetic (sorry for not having translation!) which doesn’t make much sense.
However, the page has some sort of attractiveness. Meaningless words are like riddles that attract readers to read the text until the end. Floating out effect on texts-exit effectively adds emotional experience too.

I’m not sure if the website is good for eCommerce, but it is definitely a feminine, kawaii and attractive website.

Posted by Aiko Ohakoda