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Hiragana karuta helps users improving their hiragana recognition.

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Fixed slow loading media contents


Problem (happened on mobile devices):

  • images didn’t appear on time
  • audio files didn’t play on time


  • individual images are combined into a sprite sheet for faster loading
  • provided 3 sprite sheets (large, medium and small) which are handled by css media query
  • preload and pre-play all the audio files enabling them to play

Other Updates:

  • added a loading icon
  • added css background pattern


  • (on mobile) sidebar should be called setting on learning contents
  • (on mobile) exclude logo and amend top space for better ux/ui
  • suggested: scores=>numbers of collected cards and missed cards

Pre-launched Hiragana Karuta


Hiragana karuta is pre-launched for user testing.

Posted by Aiko Ohakoda