Poster Design | B0 poster for Beauty Expo, Hycare Akarui Ltd

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  1. Project Overview
  2. Feedback from the Clients

Project Overview



  • design B0 Poster
  • retouch
  • give clean and bright impression

Design for B0 size poster

Before Retouch

The image below is a design for A4 brochure using the same photo as the poster. The photo is not retouched yet.

Feedback from the Clients

I was impressed with her attitude of spontaneously improving the design until the last moment. She is a designer who enjoys making effort. She dealt with not only the design but also the photo retouch, and she demonstrated her professional skills.

Toshiyuki Kadowaki, Mechanical Designer, Hycare Akarui Ltd

Thank you so much for your work!! I’m sure it’ll be great!

Ticiana Camargo, Model and Investor of Hycare Akarui Ltd

Posted by Aiko Ohakoda