Brainstorming | Contextual Design 3

This is a series of contextual design learning logs for Creative Design module. In this page, I will write about a brainstorming session for a location based game project.


What is Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a group creativity technique by which efforts are made to find a conclusion for a specific problem by gathering a list of ideas spontaneously contributed by its members.



Brainstorming is a crucial phase for both a group project and an independent project to maximise its potentials and creativity.

Brainstorming helps to gather ideas before nothing is formed as well as during solving problems.

Important things for brainstorming are

  • Be open-minded
  • Do not to be critical to other’s ideas
  • Do not hesitate to say a word
  • Go crazy

In my opinion, crazy ideas often inspire the group members for both positive and negative ways which brings new ideas as a result.


A-Z Method

We used A-Z method to generate initial ideas for the project. We were given two locations, Stanmer Park and Newhaven Fort, to select for the project; however, we were allowed to combine ideas for both locations at this stage.

At first, we were randomly came up with words and fill the letters. Then we decided to complete all the letters and so we did.

Since we knew nothing about Newhaven Fort, most of the words are related to Stanmer Park.



We came up with some interesting keywords that were inspiring, even though none of group members knew about the locations. I listed full lists of the keywords below.


Lists of the keywords

A. Apple trees
B. Bee farm
C. Church, café, climb trees, compass, canon
D. Domestic animals, dictionary, destination
E. Environmental, eco-friendly
F. Fairy queen, footpath, fish, fort
G. Gardening app, graveyard
H. Horses, heights, hence
I. Interactive mini games
J. Jungle book
K. Kite event
L. Love, looking
M. Marco Polo, Murder mystery
N. Nursery for plants, nest
O. Orientation
P. Ponds, pick a flower (create a bouquet)
Q. Quiz, questions & answers
R. Running for electricity
S. Solar system (batteries), sound finder, sun time
T. Trees
U. Undercover spy
V. Village, vegetables
W. Wii game, weather, workout
X. ,,X’’ map treasure hunt
Y. whY (why do bees…)
Z. ZOO animal feeding

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Posted by Aiko Ohakoda