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This is a series of contextual design learning logs for Creative Design module. In this page, I will display and explain some of the drawings that created for a location-based game project. In this page, I will display some images we made and introduce the story ideas.


Storyboard by Celina


A bee by Lena


Collect five potions to help the queen butterfly

A user need to collect potions from 5 different flowers to make a special portion to heal the queen butterfly in favor of a guide butterfly.

Sample lists of flower potions

  • Anemone potion
  • Cow parsley potion
  • Bluebell potion
  • Daffodil potion
  • Kingcup portion


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Selection of user icons

A user can select one of animals from the list, which affects a response from the guardian butterflies.

Illustrated by Celina


Guardian butterflies

Each potions are held by a guardian butterfly. A user has to go to visit guardian butterfly to ask for a potion.
Guardian butterfly ask something in exchange. (quiz, greeting to other butterfly etc)
They also give some information about a plant.


When all potions are collected

Back to butterfly. It asks a user to go to the church to mix the potions to make special potion


Challenge at the cemetery

A user is challenged by a bat when they get close to the church after completion of collecting potions. It asks the information that are given by guardian butterflies.
If a user fail to answer correctly, they lose a potion and have to get it again from the guardian butterflies.


Get the special potion and a gift

Pass the bat challenge and ask a priest animal to make a special potion.
Get the potion and a gift from a priest, a book of knowledge (list of flowers etc)

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Posted by Aiko Ohakoda