Introduction to the Project | Contextual Design 1

This is a series of contextual design learning logs for Creative Design module. In this module, we learn basic knowledge of design concepts and techniques, a flow of creating location-based digital games and available technologies.


Learning Outcome

We are required to work with some co-students, Celina and Lena, as a group and create a prototype for one of these given locations listed below.

Given locations

Stanmer Park:

Credit: Vigit Brighton

Stanmer park is located on the outskirts of Brighton where people can enjoy beautiful nature.

Newhaven Fort:

Newhaven Fort
Credit: Visit Brighton

Newhaven Fort is located on the south coast of England which was built to protect the harbour at Newhaven. It kept its heritage almost untouched.



The requirements for both locations are to get the target users to physically come to the locations and learn about nature and/or heritages of them.

The target users for Stanmer Park is children but any age ranges are accepted for Newhaven Fort.

To accomplish the project, we go through some design exercises and follow a workflow such as brainstorming, visual research, further brainstorming methods, ideation, evaluating ideas with six hats etc.

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