Mobile App Ideas: Part 3

This is a series of learning logs about “Mobile App Ideas”.

In part 3, I will write about “synectics” and examples of use of analogy.


What is Synectics

A method of identifying and solving problems that depends on creative thinking, the use of analogy, and informal conversation among a small group of individuals with diverse experience and expertise


(Collins Dictionary)


Direct analogy

In a direct analogy, parallel ideas or issues in real life. This is a simple process to compare between similar ideas and issues.

Clean the water in the Ganges river



To produce magical ideas that do not seem realistic.

Boil the river to kill all the germs

Hoover the river to suck out  sewage sludge


Personal analogy

To think what happens to you if the fantasy solutions was used.

Eatable creatures such as fish die and food shortage happens. Hungry, angry and sad.

Feel bad at killing creatures.


Symbolic analogy

Solutions that represent the problems.

Rocks; Natural water filter

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Posted by Aiko Ohakoda