Six Hats | Contextual Design 6

This is a series of contextual design learning logs for Creative Design module. In this page, I will evaluate the ideas to create our location-based game.


What is six hats?

Six hats, which is known as six thinking hats, it a method to evaluate ideas. It helps to lead discussions by giving factors/direction.

Six hats consist of six colours and each of them are associated by a factor/direction.


White: information

To Assess available information which is collected brainstorming phase.


Red: emotion

To consider emotional reactions and feelings that might occur.


Black: discernment

To point out the problems with a logical and practical thinking manner.


Yellow: positivity

To identify benefits of issues by being positive yet being realistic.


Green: creativity

To investigate issues outside of visible area to seek alternatives.


Blue: management

To summarise issues and decisions to prepare for the next phase.



Discussions Notes

We focused on to discus about our project that relates to learn about plants; and therefore, notes are related to the subject.

Notes for blue hat were evaluated by my own since we couldn’t reach to there during the class.



Fun facts on the nature – plants/animals
Dictionary – names of trees, plant and animals
Quiz at the end
Info about meaning/purpose/name/function
Photo – game on it?



Allergic reaction when founding a plat – teaching how to recognise them
The app is educational but not that much fun
Emotional – children can act like a character
Visual effects
Flower bouquet
Certificate – achievements for the school



GPS problems
Find a plant – where problems



Children will learn, app is only for the outside
Can receive award, certificate
Group work – share the object they find, work separately but together



Spelling – search tool for specific plant
Animations – Fairy Queen talking or reading
A count/point system for how many times they have been there, motivation to get more points and rewards



Overall, the app can be fun and educational tool.
The biggest problem is allergic reaction caused by plants or animals. This can be avoided by giving notice about danger and advise to take tablets before the game.

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Posted by Aiko Ohakoda