User Research | MMB Project Log 1

This is a series of web development logs for a local meditation group. The series consists of:

  1. User research
  2. Site requirements
  3. Conceptual design
  4. Visual design
  5. Prototyping: Constructing and Styling
  6. Prototyping: Adding Functionality and Animation
  7. Testing and evaluation

This page is a documentation for 1. user Research.

Link: Prototype

Personas and Scenarios

I produced 4 personas to try to understand a user’s needs, motivation and behaviour. Persona’s age is ranged from mid 20 to early 40. All of them are in workforce. 2 males and 2 females.

Oliver (24) | Junior UI designer

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Oliver works for a fast paced environment, a digital solution company. He is outwardly expressive but looking to gain more self-confidence. He wants to gain more social confidence within himself and is aware that the external self can only offer so much and is interested to investigate what lies belief.


He has been looking online for classes which enable him to focus on himself rather than entertaining others. He found a website of a local meditation group and decided to attend a trial as it is very close to his place.

Evie (27) | Admin

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Evie is amiable and wants to add something to already active lifestyle. She is regular gym and social out goer and constantly works on her external self which she feels gives her control over her life. She is aware that this is a bit exhausting but has no idea why.


Evie was asked her colleague Charlotte to go to a trial session for mantra meditation as her plus one. She was encouraged to have a look for the group’s website. She looked through it briefly and reply to Charlotte that she’s going.

Charlotte (37) | HR

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Charlotte works at human resource section in the council, always busy to deal with other workers requirements and sort it out. While she works for stressful environment, she wants to know more about the inner self. She is interested in mindfulness, mantra based meditation and mysticism.


She has tried many different types of yoga and meditation and has heard of local meditation group and done a bit of google research and wants to know more about it. She asked to go for a trial session for her colleague Evie, who seemed to be seeking the ways to know more about inner self.

George (43) | owner of a small retail store

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George is divorced recently and is struggling to keep his current job as the economy changes. He wants to improve his inner self since his outer self is a mess and one which he appears to have no control over and is attempting to control his inner demons.


George went to a pub for a drink after his hard day at work. He saw a poster about a local meditation club in the lobby advertising a meeting. The poster was clean and welcoming which attracted him as it might give him chance to sort out his problems. He quickly search the group’s website and contact them via website’s contact form.

User Analysis

These persona give ideas of a user’s needs, motivation and behaviour that affect UI design. For example:

Oliver knows about digital design, which makes him critical to the design.  If the website has bad UI, it can be very destructive to him. While a bad design doesn’t matter too much for other personas, it is bad enough for him to lose interest.

Evie likes going out and happy to find something interesting. Therefore, she doesn’t mind too much about UI design or information. For her, overall impression can be more important factor to make her a decision. She might not read all the contents but quickly picks up keywords which draw her attention.

For Charlotte, information about the club is very important since she is interested in meditation. She is a person who look through all the pages and contents to decide if it worth for her to go.

George is desperately seeking some sort of mental support. He saw the group’s poster, which draw him to come to the website. He’s motivation can be very high, he might look through the website carefully, or briefly, or go straight to the contact form.