Primary Research Findings | MeetMe Project Log 1

The primary research was done by Lena.

We analysed data which we reflected in conceptual designs and visual designs.

The text below was written by Lena and I was given a permission to publish on this blog.

48 people anticipated the questioner.


Key Points of Research

By Lena

The main point of doing research is to reach out to target users to find out their needs, wishes and overall requirements for any project. For our project we have decided to create a questionnaire.

Main problem with questionnaires are that anyone (even not your target user) can complete it and how to get enough answers.

While studying my high school in Czech Republic part of our school-leaving exams was to create and economy/tourism essay with our own research therefore during those studies we were taught how to create questionnaires and survey and our school lead us to join such projects that would show us examples of both good and bad questionnaires.

To get enough responses which are in our targeted range I asked for help from my former teachers. I have created a simple questionnaire in a Word Document and send it via e-mail. This questionnaire was distributed in one of the classes of Economy and the student were from classes 4.A and 4.B. In our questionnaire I did not focus on design or specific functions as I understand that many of those students have no knowledge about Java, UI or CSS they simply focus on overall impression of a website.

Instead I have included questions about possible features (alert when your dream partner is within designated area) and safety issues (whether they would like to verify their ID when signing).
Most of the answers are simple A/B or yes/no questions as young people would not answer such many open-ended or multiple choice questions.


Primary Research

1. How old are you?

  • 20 years old: 1
  • 19 years old: 9
  • 18 years old: 27
  • 17 years old: 11


2. What is your sex?

  • Male: 25%
  • Female: 75%


3.  Have you ever tried a dating website before?

  • A-I am still using it: 8
  • B- I was using it in the past: 8
  • C- only registered: 22
  • D- never: 10


4. Would you like to sign in via your Facebook/Gmail account?

  • Yes: 27%
  • No: 73%


5. Would you prefer to have your name and first letter of surname as ID or the nickname?

  • A- Name and letter: 46%
  • B- nickname: 54%


6. What are you using more- computer/laptop or mobile devices?

  • A- computer/laptop: 44%
  • B- mobile devices: 56%


7. Would you feel safer if all of the users have to verify their identity?

  • Yes: 63%
  • No: 37%


8. What is important for you to know about your potential partner?

  • Photo: 44%
  • Height/weight/age: 30%
  • hobbies: 26%
  • sexual/relationship preferences: 14%


9. Would you like to get notification when your dream partner is nearby you?

After inputting the ,,dream partner” data there will be possibility to get notification when your partner is within area of 1 km from you (with Wi-Fi/data/GPS systems).

  • Yes: 58%
  • No: 42%


10. On a scale 1-10 how much would you like to be able to edit your personal page- colour, information, videos, photos?

1 completely static – 10 completely flexible


11. What other features should the website have?

  • forums: 44%
  • groups: 30%
  • restaurant tips: 20%
  • vouchers: 23%
  • date tips/news: 18%


12. Would you pay for your membership account?

  • Yes: 38%
  • No: 62%


13. If yes, how much would be the ideal price for you?

  • A- up to £1/month: 72%
  • B- £1-£5/month: 22%
  • C- more than £5/month: 6%

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Posted by Aiko Ohakoda