In the project, she was solely responsible for the design and coding of the website and the crowd funding campaign platform. She also showed an excellent ability in publicising the crowd funding campaign. She has a breadth of understanding not limited to computer coding and website design but also consumer-led economy and PR. I was truly impressed with her knowledge of coding and her design skills.

Dr. Yoko Nagai, Director, Biofeedback Global Ltd

There were a lot of things to learn from her such as a positive attitude, progress toward work and responding to requests from clients. She is a person who can be entrusted with peace of mind.


Chika Mukaida, CEO, Grace Ltd

I know how difficult to keep earning excellent reputation continuously. So I am impressed every time when she submits us her works. We hire multiple designers, but she has the best stability of all.

「継続して高い評価を得つづける」難しさは私もよく知っているつもりです。なので毎回感心しています。 複数人に依頼をお願いしていますが、安定感は随一です。

Yasutoshi Yoshinaga, COO, Grace Ltd

I was impressed with her attitude of spontaneously improving the design until the last moment. She is a designer who enjoys making effort. She dealt with not only the design but also the photo retouch, and she demonstrated her professional skills.


Toshiyuki Kadowaki, Mechanical Designer, Hycare Akarui Ltd

Thank you so much for your work!! I’m sure it’ll be great!

Ticiana Camargo, Model and Investor of Hycare Akarui Ltd

Posted by Aiko Ohakoda