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Time-based MediaProject Log, Video Production

About This Project

The video is about a local meditation group; introducing what they believe, what they do and how meditation works.

The problem happened when the group changed its concept of organisation which result in changing group name and what they do.

The group’s decision affected the scripts and scenes; they needed to be changed to fit into the new concept and some scenes were excluded and replaced according to the group’s requirements.

Shooting took place 2 times with members at the venue and 3 times without members outside venue.

Software used for this project;

  • Photoshop for creating storyboard
  • Premiere Pro for editing footages
  • After Effects for adding effects on title and subtitles
  • Audition for manipulating audios.

Premise, Outline and Scripts

Premise and Outline, created in the previous semester, had to be changed since the group changed their concept of organisation.

At the beginning of the project, the group was called JAPA Meditation Brighton as they were affiliated with JAPA Meditation in Ireland. However, they decided to focus on mantra meditation and not to be linked to JAPA and changed the name to Mantra Meditation Brighton.

Couple of lines were excluded from the original outline; 2. what is JAPA and 4. what is Vedanta were replaced with chanting mantra.


Changes from storyboard

There are three significant changes and some minor changes in the scenes from the story board.

Major change 1

One was made due to change in group’s concept and their requests on additional scenes; they no longer do physical exercises such as healing supported by a teacher and they wished to exclude these exercises but requested to add some natures instead.

Major change 2

Another major change was replacing a scene of crowds to the interview with a teacher. This change was made because it looked more naturally flowing, and interpretation of the crowd was a duplication from the traffic which remained in the product.

Major change 3

Last notable change is excluding physical actions. Story board shows a member is going out the venue and looks ap the sky which replaced with a static interview because the member was too shy to act.

Minor changes

Originally, the texts were overlaid by the waves (sea) but due to its readability, this idea was scrapped. Scroll up effect was also removed to maximise readability.

Items that creates atmosphere were changed from story board due to its availability.

Editing Footages with Premiere Pro

A special effect without a story is a pretty boring thing.

― George Lucas (cited in Astrologo 2017)

Effects are carefully added with reasons, some examples are; creating natural flow, differentiating reality and interpretation of mind and emphasising keywords.

Creating natural flow


With effects

To create natural flow to the footages, timing, spot light, fade and zoom out effects were applied. The waves dissolve into window sill, spotlight following items and dissolve into the lamp.

Switching spotlight person to person

Spotlight effect moves from a female member to a male member, as the subject was passed on to one to another.

Differentiate reality and interpretation

It is important to have right colours and lighting to emphasising emotion and describe situation (Renée, 2017).

Lowering saturation to differentiate interpretation from vivid reality; in this case, interview with a teacher and interpretation of a busyness in her mind. This footage is fast forwarding to emphasise busyness.

Emphasising keywords

Adding darkness to the footage to emphasise keywords, “suffering from mental health problem”, and dissolve into the sunlight as an interpretation of overcome.


Make footages brighter

Shooting inside of the venue took place in the evening and the room was pink; this made footages over reddish and dark. I used lumetri color panel to make them brighter.

Adding Effects with After Effects

I selected slow fade in/out for title and name of interviewers. Wiggling effects were applied (Helpx Adobe, n.d.) on title text as if it is floating on the waves. Any other subtitles are simply fade in and out to keep consistency and maintain readability.

Each interview has name titles that come with shape animations to draw viewer’s attention briefly. These animations were manually setup by controlling positions and opacity.

Editing Sounds with Audition

Some member’s chanting were out of tune. It had to be corrected by using automatic pitch correction to level the tune of chanting.

Voice were manipulated by using reverb to make the film better quality (Hibbard, 2014).




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Preparing the venue to remove unwanted objects is very important. The final product could have been much better without these objects.

The room with candles created beautiful atmosphere, but people’s faces should have been lighted, especially for the interview.


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Audio Credit

Posted by Aiko Ohakoda