Updating a Website | Mobile Friendly UI, Multi language, Spam Filter | BH Japanese Club

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Areas where I updated


  • horizontal navigation to toggle navigation for mobiles
  • increased height and width
  • added a link to Facebook

Header Slideshow

Provided 2 sets of images for both device orientations: portrait and landscape.


  • increased size of a submit button
  • fixed the arrow button to the bottom
  • add script to the arrow button: appears when scroll up

Multi Language

There were separated Japanese and English pages. I combined them into a single page and toggle both languages show and hide by using Javascript. It is easier to switch languages and maintaining codes.

Spam Filter

Spam emails sent through contact form have been such pain. Even though provided anti spam by host server was turned on, I kept receiving unwanted emails almost EVERY DAY.

I set 2 filters:

  • bot filter: eliminates emails sent by bots
  • keyword filter: scan messages and eliminates emails that contains a keyword

Currently, 10 keywords were used to filter emails. Keywords were selected from spam emails I received.

Posted by Aiko Ohakoda